Bobbie Grei

Bobbie Grei

Bobbie Grei 

Recording Artist/ Model and MAXIM‘s 2013 Hometown Hotties Finalist

Bobbie Grei

Bobbie created quite a reputation and name for herself in the New York City night scene by running the doors at some Manhattan’s trendiest night spots. She was offered her first recording deal at the age of 17 with an independent dance record label which she declined due to the fact that they did not come to an agreement on her image and refused to settle and compromise her good reputation before she even had one.

Bobbie Grei

She later moved on to work with several other independent producers and managers that kept bringing her closer and closer to her goals such as the Grammy nominated producers, The Buchanan’s who immediately signed her to there label, Buchanan’s Music Works as their first exclusive artist in 2006.

Bobbie Grei

Now, independently Bobbie has collaborated with numerously talented producers, writers and DJ’s who have worked together to create a string of unique hits that truly embody all of which is Bobbie Grei. Her music has no specific genre, bypasses all boundaries set by the corporate music world. Musical influences include Prince, Madonna, Ella Fitzgerald, Whitney Houston, Janet and Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper and Mariah Carey.

Bobbie Grei

Currently, Bobbie Grei has been acknowledged by MAXIM magazine as one of their top 10, 2013 Hometown Hotties Finalists. Being a triple threat, Bobbie is prepared to take over the world with her hypnotizing voice and lager then life heart.

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