The 6th Annual Family Reunion Conference Hosted by Daniel Gilbert

On Feb 27th, 2015 Open Bookings ENT and 7Stone Management provided the entertainment for the 6th Annual Family Reunion hosted by Daniel Gilbert, the owner of Quicken Loans and Cleveland Cavaliers. The event took place at the Cleveland Convention Center with over 400 attendees from 119 companies, 46 cities and 18 states.

The entertainment included a 45 minutes show of live violin by SVET and our new astronaut themed DJ.

Below is a short video




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RMSC Signature Event: Innovation Celebration ft SVET the Violinist

Open Bookings Talent and Media Entertainment Agency

Friday, November 1, 2013

Venue: Rochester Museum & Science Center

Open Bookings Talent and Media Entertainment Agency

Open Bookings Talent and Media Entertainment Agency

“Founded in 1912 as the City of Rochester, New York’s Municipal Museum, the Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) has grown from a City-funded agency into a unique public/private partnership with the County of Monroe. The Rochester Museum & Science Center offers three floors of hands-on exhibitions exploring science and technology, natural science, and our region’s cultural heritage. In addition to ongoing favorites such as Expedition Earth, several new traveling exhibits each year make the RMSC a popular destination for families.”

 Open Bookings Talent and Media Entertainment Agency

 Event Chairs:

Rebecca and Andrew Hoyen 

Honorary Co-chairs:  

Laurie and Andrew J. Meloni

Eileen and Vic Salerno

Open Bookings Talent and Media Entertainment Agency
“Get quirky with quarks and silly with solvents at an explosive evening event filled with the latest in science this side of the Milky Way.”- RMSC
Open Bookings Talent and Media Entertainment Agency
“For more than a century, the Rochester Museum & Science Center has stimulated community interest in exploration and sparked curiosity in our community’s youth. Today, the RMSC is a powerful source for informal learning of the latest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).”
Open Bookings Talent and Media Entertainment Agency
 The event offered guests the chance to “Experience spectacular explosions, dazzling Tesla coil shows in Electricity Theater, fiery experiments, silent and live auctions, “Signature” drinks, food stations and entertainers from the worlds of science, technology and art.” The event also featured a special guest performance by SVET the Violinist as seen on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Open Bookings Talent and Media Entertainment Agency

ROCHESTER MUSEUM & SCIENCE CENTER — 657 East Avenue, Rochester NY, 14607 — (585) 271 4320

Open Bookings Talent And Entertainment Media Agency

Summer Music Festivals: SVET

SVET the Violinist

Beginning June 2013, SVET will be performing at series of summer Concerts, Festivals and Private Events before starting his fall 2013 College Tour.

SVET the Violinist

Catch SVET at Gregapalooza on June 15th in Gloucester.

SVET the Violinist

Don’t miss SVET performing at the Artists and Writers 65th Annual Charity Softball Game in East Hampton on August 24th.

SVET the Violinist

To book SVET the Violinist for a Concert, Festival, Nightclub or Private Event contact or for more information.